Ken Smith family

Do Your Damn Job

I met Ken Smith, in 2009, when I came to St. Louis Children’s Hospital to pursue training in pediatric emergency medicine. By that time he had already been working there as a nurse for 13 years, before the 13 years we worked together. Despite the amount of time I spent working with him, I was […]

Podcast #3 — Fireside Chat with Joe Sheehan

It’s been OVER a year since my last podcast/fireside chat, but this week I was fortunate enough to sit down and virtually interview baseball writer Joe Sheehan, who writes extensively about baseball.  He co-founded of Baseball Prospectus, and currently writes for a variety of sports outlets.  He publishes a subscription newsletter, the Joe Sheehan newsletter, […]

The Rainbow Transplant

For all the dads out there. When I heard from my 4 year old’s mother his best friend had been seriously injured by a dog, and asked if I could help, I felt strangely out of my element. As a pediatric emergency medicine physician, taking care of injured children is a routine part of my […]


Haircuts from Healthcare Heroes: Episode #2

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives in numerous ways. One of the most visually disturbing ways is our inability to go to the barber/stylist and be properly groomed. Thus I conceived the idea of a video series called Haircuts from Healthcare Heroes. I have asked co-workers to volunteer to cut my hair on camera. […]